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    Hypoallergenic Russian Blue Cats Personality and Care

    Hypoallergenic Russian Blue Cats Personality and Care

    The Russian Blue cat attracts attention with its beauty and the shine of its fur. Russian Blue cats, which will impress you with their lush eyes, are extremely sensitive to external sounds. For this reason, they are cats that can give negative reactions to excessive sounds from time to time. They get along very well with children and have a very good player identity. However, they are not very active cats.

    Personality Traits of Russian Blue Cats

    Personality Traits of Russian Blue Cats

    The Russian Blue Cat breed is famous for its communication with people and the emotional bond they establish. These cute creatures, who always show a warm approach to familiar faces outside of their family, are almost a cat breed that is a candidate to be people’s best friends. You can easily train Russian blue cats, which are very intelligent creatures, at a certain level and have a pleasant time by teaching them many games. Very good with children, Russian Blue Cats can also get along very well with your other pets. These cute creatures, which can easily adapt to the environment they live in, can move on their own from time to time and tend to run away from the house. We recommend that you put your cat’s name tag on your cat and write your contact information on this tag so that those who find your cat can reach you in case of such undesirable situations. Thanks to the cat tag, your cat will have a ticket home in undesirable situations such as running away from home. Russian blue cats, which have a very naive nature in terms of general character traits, have low meowing habits.

    Russian Blue Cat Care

    Kitten Russian Blue Cat Care

    Although Russian Blue cats are a special breed, they are quite easy to feed. This type, who loves routine, always likes to eat his meals at the same time. It is necessary to give her food two meals a day, in the morning and in the evening. In this way, you will prevent him from constantly getting hungry and overeating. While feeding the Russian Blue, foods containing high protein and minerals should be preferred. Dry, semi-wet and wet foods should be given to the cat alternately. In addition, Russian Blue cats can be fed boneless or boiled protein foods at home. Also, attention should be paid to obesity and regularly taken to veterinary examination.

    kitten russian blue / new born
    kitten russian blue

    General Health Status and Possible Diseases

    Because Russian Blue cats have a purebred gene, they are genetically free of almost any disease. In fact, thanks to these features, it is one of the rare breeds that does not have a disease. Having a physically durable build, Russian Blues almost never get sick when cared for carefully and regularly. However, this may vary depending on environmental factors. Sometimes minerals build up in the bladders of Russian Blue cats. These minerals solidify over time and turn into small stones. These stones, which can cause infection, can turn into tumors in the worst case. In addition, the risk of obesity seen in every domestic cat is also valid for Russian Blue cats. A Russian Blue who doesn’t exercise or play enough can start to gain extra weight if they eat too much.

    Blue eyes russian blue cat
    General Health Status and Possible Diseases

    Is the Russian Blue cat hypoallergenic?

    One of the most curious things about these cats is whether the Russian blue cat is hypoallergenic. First of all, let’s say this: Cat allergy is not caused by cat hair as it is thought, it is a protein called Fel D1 that causes allergies. Some cat breeds secrete less of this protein than others, and the Russian blue is one of them. Every cat secretes this allergen, so there is no real allergy-free cat breed. So the Russian Blue cats are not hypoallergenic but has a much lower risk of allergies compared to other cats.

    Is the Russian Blue cat hypoallergenic?

    Long Haired Russian Blue Cats

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